Staff Profile - Holly Ede

Staff Profile - Holly Ede

I have proudly worked with Inclusion WA for 18 months thus far, offering my services to people living with disability via the Recreation Access Program (RAP), Individualised Services, Mental Health Dept, Online Administration Team and partner organisation Catch Music, where I have learned, experienced and enjoyed its challenges and rewards. It is due to my admiration of Inclusion WA’s key ethics, person-centered approach and contribution to changes within the Disability Sector, that I continue to do what I do in hope to become a more influential part of the process.

My dedication of 6.5 years to the disability sector began at National Disability Services (NDS) WA in 2010, climbing myself around the organisation predominantly working with the ACROD Parking Program, Companion Card and Community Living and Participation Grants programs, that soon urged me to create positive changes within the sector in a more direct way, that evidently led me to Inclusion WA.

The genuine desire of waking up each morning is dedicated to each of my clients, creating ways to endorse their wants and needs in creative ways that will allow them to grow, succeed and determine a better quality of life.  

I believe great Mentor’s are the ones who invest in their projects by becoming an example of the core purposes of them. In this case, this is derived from the experience of working alongside people you care about and advocate for, the things that you learn deeply yet cannot accredit to on paper. Working whole-heartedly and becoming a product of that movement, that love for your work, demonstrates a type of natural leadership that inspires them. This in turn, allows clients to view their own position as an opportunity to invest in the things that truly matter rather than ‘just’ a goal or ‘change’ of lifestyle.

From here, I would love to continue to learn, grow and flourish by accepting new challenges and opportunities that will have a substantial impact on a larger scale of people living with disability and mental illnesses. I wish to inspire individuals and become a valued member of that forward movement, because my passion is about what I can do within my power to help create positive changes for generations of people living with disability. It’s about how together, we can enable, inspire and create inclusive communities and societies by ridding a service-land no one ever deserved.  

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