Journey to the East

Journey to the East

In January 2017, Inclusion WA announced it would be opening an Eastern hub to complement the existing Northern and Southern hubs. This was a particularly exciting opportunity for Inclusion WA as it allowed us to provide more local resources for staff and the people we work alongside.

Since the announcement of the new hub, not much has changed in the way of external landscape. We still find ourselves working across both federal and state systems and there doesn’t seem to be an end date to this anytime soon. However, this uncertainty about which system will eventually role out, has not dampened our growth in the East. There is no question about the huge number of opportunities we have; to expand our professional relationships and increase the number of people we work alongside.

Over the past 8 months, we have doubled the number of people we work alongside whilst also significantly increasing the number of staff who work within the Eastern hub. This increase provided us with an opportunity, much earlier than expected, to open an office in the Eastern suburbs.

The new office in Midland Junction Lotteries House is our new base and provides us with the perfect opportunity to deliver more local support for people. By having a presence in the Eastern suburbs we are now in a better position to hire local staff and ultimately provide a more tailored level of support for people living in the East.

The next phase of growth for the hub will see plenty of exciting opportunities for both new and existing staff. We intend to expand the number of people we work alongside as well as continue our relationship alongside the Mental Health Commission and a number of private psychiatric hostels within Western Australia.

We look forward to providing you with more information over the coming months. However, if you have any questions about the Eastern hub or future opportunities then please get in touch with either Claire Curr or myself.

Matt Shaw

Individualised Services Manager - East


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