Sophie is Perth’s newest ‘en-tea-preneur’, sipping her way around the city’s ‘sweetest’ hot spots with a gaggle of like-minded ladies in tow. The idea was to shape a new market for social gatherings that targeted an enthusiasm for tea and sweets among good company, stemmed from Meetup.com.

Although Sophie has always had a socially inclusive lifestyle, her newest Meetup endeavor has managed to reflect the diversity of all her personal interests and compile them into an opportunity for more social connections.

Over the past 6 months Inclusion WA has enabled Sophie this by coordinating two of her Mentor’s to drive Sophie’s Meetup group and maintain the ongoing production of events with people in her local community. These events have been hosted at places around Perth such as The George (Perth city), The Little Stove Café (Bicton) and The Trustee.

The highlight for Sophie was hosting her very own High Tea at her home with friends, family and her community. This meant efforts to prepare for Sophie’s upcoming gatherings by creating a menu, invites, decorations and by managing and collaborating with support staff and family. Sophie enjoyed cooking, preparing and taste testing all the delightful treats prepared for her 25 guests, her greatest success was creating genuine connections among the group who value her as a member of the community.

From here, Sophie will continue to host her own High Tea Meetup events hoping to maintain these new social connections and develop long lasting friendships within her local community in upcoming events. Ideas for her next events will be ‘Walking High Tea’ where members can participate in a tour around Perth City and visit Historical places whilst enjoying a High Tea venue. Sophie also has entertained the idea of hosting events at the Pagoda, Hyatt and Pan Pacific Hotel in the next few months, although is yet to be confirmed.

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